Monday, February 6, 2012

The Most Beautiful Lakes In Frankfurt – Stay In Holiday Apratments In Frankfurt

Not everyone is sightseeing, musical or culinary connoisseur experts. But almost everyone loves to swim. In Frankfurt and its surroundings there are many lakes.

The Langen Waldsee. With an area of ​​000 m² von 72 ater and a beach of 900 meters, is the largest entertainment center in the Rhine-Main. The lake is located two kilometers from Frankfurt Airport. By bike you can reach the lake quickly and easily.

The lake is located 14 km from Frankfurt and Waldorf was originally a gravel pit. The lake is situated near the junction A4/B44 clean and natural. The lake has a lifeguard course, but nevertheless, children should not go to this lake, because the bank is quite steep. The 7 S uphill from the station Walldorf. Or the unit on the road B 44 to Aschaffenburg. It is best to take this hotel in downtown Frankfurt, so why have a better public transport.

The lake is undoubtedly the Raunheimer visit nearby lake. The lake is approximately 8 acres and 23 miles from Frankfurt. Behind a hedge is 700 square meters in the nudist area. Sports Lake Forest has much to offer. For example, beach volleyball would be a good option. Even for families with children there is a lot to offer. There are safe play equipment and a water slide. The bathing season begins in early May and lasts until mid-September. With the S8 to get there easily.

The beach is Birkensee despite its proximity to the very quiet and peaceful. It 's located in a protected area where the trees are all in tight. The lake is located about 24 kilometers from Frankfurt. This lake is dedicated to comfort. For example, there compressors that suck the leaves of the mattress. Surfing and fishing is allowed in some parts of the lake.

Who is the safety of their children should seek Hainburger of Eight Lake. Since banks are very flat, this is very suitable for young children. But for parents is a pleasure. From Camping, sailing and surfing is not allowed on the lake responds to relaxation. The lake is open daily from May to September and the clock at 21:00. Like most lakes were also Bear Lake was once a gravel pit. It is located in a recreation area and green heats up quickly, as it only has a depth of 3.50 meters.

Then choose one of these lakes and spending free time for sunbathing and swimming water! For your memorable vacation rent holiday apartments in Frankfurt which is more better way to save your money than renting an hotel’s room.

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