Monday, February 13, 2012

Holiday Apartments In Vienna – Enjoy Your Holiday In The City Of Music

As the ancient capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and seat of the Habsburgs, Vienna is one of Europe's cities that has best preserved its imperial splendor and charm, while making his way in the modern world.
While some cities further west continue to attract tourists who want a cheap holiday, one of Vienna's most elegant cities in Europe.

Luxury holidayapartments Vienna are numerous  and all excellent. The presence of the United Nations, IAEA and OSCE means that the city often hosts international delegations and that's why people move to Vienna are spoiled for choice when it comes luxurious accommodation, elegant historic buildings with modern facilities and trendiest. Pleasant stay guaranteed.

The Viennese cuisine is different from the rest of the country. This is due, in large part to its multicultural population. You will find excellent restaurants, all different from each other in all areas of the city. If you want to enjoy a traditional dish, choose the schnitzel.

Vienna is appreciated for its cultural attractions that include a theater of the world-famous opera and museum exhibits extraordinary that an ancient royal collection in a building of rare beauty. Whatever your tastes, be seduced by the artistic heritage lies in the streets and monuments of Vienna and counts invites you to discover the works of Mozart, Klimt and other geniuses.

But Vienna is not only synonymous with culture, but also welfare. Indeed, many private spas are located in the city, mostly in traditional buildings that were given to the style of the day. Some were even designed with respect for the environment and using renewable energy sources.

While in the city rent an holiday apartments Vienna to gather the strenght  for further sightseeing. In these accommodation rentals you will be able to enjoy your whole city break in Vienna.

The Neusidler-See, a lake where you will find yachts and boats of all kinds, is only 45 minutes from Vienna. This body of water is in the middle of Burgenland, the Austrian wine region. A handful of high class restaurants can be found at the lake and all those who are fortunate enough to dwell can enjoy fresh fish accompanied by good local wine.

The Vienna International Airport receives flights from and to the world, especially North America and the Middle East. Easyjet offers flights from the UK but other low-cost airlines operating in other airports in the region and not necessarily well connected to Vienna.

As the capital of the Empire, Vienna was synonymous with luxury and pleasures of all kinds for over 150 years. Today, anyone who can afford it do not hesitate to dive into this wonderful world, if only the weather of a weekend in Vienna under the sign of taste and elegance.

If you have visited Vienna already, and can’t choose what would be your next travel destination we can gladly propose to visit one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe – Paris, France. When you come to the city look for an fully equipped and furnished holiday apartments Paris and make your stay comfortable and memorable.

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