Monday, February 6, 2012

Holiday Apartments In London – Guide For Having A Great Time In The City

Sights and Interesting Facts

Among the most prominent landmark of the city include the Tower Bridge, a 244 meter long bascule bridge at the Tower of London, Big Ben, the famous bell tower with its clock each 7 meters in diameter at the Palace of Westminster, the British Parliament building. The Tower of London, who is since 1988 a World Heritage Site, now houses the British crown jewels, which are issued in addition to a comprehensive collection of weapons. Every day at short ago 22 clock held a solemn ceremony of keys to the building complex that once served as a prison to complete. A similar tourist attraction is the changing of the guard of the royal bodyguard, taking place daily at 11 Clock in front of Buckingham Palace, official residence of the monarch, or Windsor Castle. Other buildings which are on display on a city tour of London, Westminster Abbey is one in which not only the traditional British kings were crowned and buried, but where the marriage of William and Kate took place. Not to mention also is the famous Globe Theatre, a replica of Shakespeare's playhouse.

Other Attractions and Excursions

As an alternative to bus tours and walking tours are offered on various topics: Here you can choose between general sightseeing, history, and London Ghost or Jack the Ripper Walks. Those who tour for the latter decides the case may be recommended to the London Dungeon, the eerily beautiful horrors. Also worth seeing is the world-famous wax museum Madame Tussauds. Combination tickets for both cabinets are cheaper and save you long waits at the checkout. London fans who want to visit several tourist attractions, is also worth the London Pass, discounted admission to over 55 attractions possible. Of the museums is recommended especially the Natural History Museum, the Central Hall in a 26-meter-long dinosaur stands. For shopping trips - especially in clothing - is particularly well suited to Oxford Street, while at Harrods but may occur at any reputable dressed tourist, however, prices are relatively high.

When you are done with all sightseeing activities take a rest in one of modern and fully furnished holiday apartments in London and make your stay more pleasurable and comfortable.

For trips into the countryside are suitable targets such as the university town of Oxford, Windsor Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the world and the world heritage site with the mystical Stonehenge stone circles.

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