Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Berlin As a Great Tourist Destination For Vacation – Stay In Holiday Apartments In Berlin

Berlin is the city's trendiest European time! With 3.4 million inhabitants, a large part of foreign origin (Turkish, Russian, Former Yugoslav ...), Berlin is a great capital, which has a long and eventful history that fascinates many people. One need only see the number of Erasmus students who choose this extraordinary city to spend a year abroad. During your stay in Berlin find an holiday apartments Berlin to make your stay more comfortable. These holiday accommodation are self-catering so you will be able to prepare your favourite meals and to save your money on bills on food.

A turbulent history

Originally a fishing village, Berlin is developing especially in the eighteenth century with King Frederick I and Frederick II. Many monuments were built: the royal palace, the opera, the National Library ... In the twentieth century, it is one of the most radiant of Europe and yet it became the scene of Nazi atrocities in the 1930s. At the end of the 2nd World War, Berlin was in ruins and is divided gradually into two parts: West Berlin and East Berlin. Until reunification in 1989, we witnessed the creation of two almost opposite Berlin (architecturally, politically ...). Today Berlin is very special that is worth trying!

Today, space for young people

Berlin is a city for young people, and everything is done for them: the cost of living is quite low (average 30% cheaper than in other European capitals), culture is sung and everyone can benefit through reductions, especially young people (50% of the museums!). And with over 180 museums, say, Berlin is a city rich: the Bode Museum (Byzantine art), the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery), the Altes Museum (Old Museum or), the Pergamon Museum (museum Pergamon) and the Neues Museum (New Museum) are a must!

Berlin is also known as a music capital! You will find in the East especially, bars or underground clubs, where you can listen to rock bands apprentices, or sometimes real stars! In Berlin, you can not miss the opera, whose rates are very affordable compared to other European capitals. Enjoy it! For your phenomenal city break book online an holiday apartments in Berlin and make sure to do it far enough in advance. Check availability of particular holiday apartment and make a book easily online!

In case you have visited Berlin, you should travel to one of the oldest cities in the world Lisbon, Portugal. Of course, you will be needed some place to stay and perfect accommodation would be totally furnished and convenient holiday apartments Lisbon. They will provide you a picture of what would be like living in the city.

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