Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Short Stay Apartments in NYC

New York City Apartments offer comfortable, safe and renovated serviced apartments in New York for a short or long stays. We are the leading supplier of New York apartments for tourists and business travelers, offering the best service and highest quality in all of our New York apartments. By renting an apartment for a short time in New York, you gain more privacy and save on money.

Take a look around in our gallery of New York apartments or browse our database of New York City apartments. If you have any questions, please contact one of our New York apartment but customer service staff. If you are already in the U.S., so you have a toll-free hotline, please contact the apartments around the clock all the questions about your journey to or stay in one of our New York City.

Location of our New York apartments: All our propertiries are in Manhattan or Brooklyn. To the New York subway and New York City's most famous sights are within walking distance. Some of our New York apartments are even a few minutes from the city, Times Square, Greenwich Village, Soho, Chelsea, the Brooklyn Heights and other interesting tourist attractions and business districts in New York City.

Renovated and well equipped: All of our New York apartments are renovated and equipped with all facilities and equipment in need of our guests in order to feel at home in NEW YORK CITY may, for example a washing machine, satellite or cable television, a fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven and kitchen appliances, bath or shower in most apartments and a DSL internet connection (please refer to the description of each apartment).

High-speed Internet: Most of our apartment New York  has a DSL Internet connection and are thus perfectly equipped for business travelers who need to stay during their stay in New York with its business partners worldwide in conjunction.

24h support: All of our guests around the clock contact for emergencies or questions. Hotlines and emergency numbers of our offices and partner organizations, which can also be reached after office opening times are, in the settlement documents.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holiday Apartments in New York and Vacation Home Rentals

New York! Welcome to the USA, the land of opportunity, and his best-known mega-city! Welcome to your holiday home or your vacation home New York! The 8-million city of New York is located on the coast of the state and is the largest in the United States. Capital of the state is not, however, this famous metropolis of superlatives, but the contrast with his more contemplative Albany nearly 100,000 inhabitants. It is located east of the state on the Hudson and Mohawk River. Anyone who books a holiday apartments in New York (State) or an apartment in New York State should, of course schedule definitely enough time for a shorter or longer trip to New York City. Although the state has to offer of course other highlights such as the island Long Iceland with their beaches, the winter sports areas in the Appalachian Mountains, the coastal regions on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario to the north and the picturesque stained woods during the Indian Summer, it is and remains New York City of course the main attraction. One can not believe how alive this city is overwhelming. Will seem a thousand things to happen everywhere at once and you hardly know where to begin exploring and where to stop. For a heartier city break offers, of course, a New York apartment or a house in New York City, and one should take at least a few days this time. There is so much to see! Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chinatown and the Bronx ... the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero ... Not to mention the approximately 18,000 restaurants, which offer a cuisine that is as colorful as New York itself nightlife, shopping, museums, theater and Broadway musicals ... These are just a few keywords that make it clear that this world metropolis promises a city of superlatives stay and they will not soon forget.

It wanders through the streets and feels like a different world, visiting the observation deck of the Empire State Building, which since the 11 September is the tallest building in the city again, and enjoying the unique view of the most exciting city at all - this is America-vacation out of a picture book! Choose from our large selection of vacation homes and holiday homes, a suitable house or apartment New York New York!

Interesting the way cities are reachable with a short-haul flights: a central London hotel offers the best starting point for an extensive sightseeing tour or book a holiday home but Paris and discover what the city has to offer love everything!

Holiday Apartments For Rent in London and London Accommodation, UK

London, the metropolis of 7 million inhabitants, is both a focal point of international stock and commodity trading as well as a center for arts and culture. Our London apartments and holiday homes in London, will make your vacation an unforgettable holiday experience! Who wants to visit a little nearer metropolis, perhaps like a holiday home in Hamburg!

Cheap accommodation in London - for a nice holiday

For centuries, London is the stronghold of a country, the leader in science, industry, the maritime and colonial trade and was on the whole of Europe was an example. Today show the many magnificent neo-Gothic buildings that today's image of the city to a glorious past linked. They have a number of houses and apartments London London to choose from and can therefore spend the capital of England, an individual and flexible holidays! London is a modern and cosmopolitan, and does not break from the construction boom since the nineties. Futuristic glass facades dominate the financial district and the limitation of height has long been repealed.

The famous red double-decker buses provide urban transport hubs, such as Piccadilly Circus, a distinctive flavor. If one wants to spend his vacation in London, there are numerous opportunities to rent a centrally located apartment in London or a London apartment, or even a more spacious house in London! The sights of London are easily accessible by public transportation, how to achieve the subway or the aforementioned double-decker buses. The famous Tower Bridge is an outstanding starting point for a sightseeing tour. Directly north of it is followed by the Tower, the 11th from under William the Conqueror built the Citadel Century, at. Just southeast of here is St. Paul's Cathedral, the magnificent baroque building with its 110 foot dome. South of the cathedral to get to the Millennium Bridge. The glass-covered bridge is because of its contemporary flair, a popular photo of young tourists. Especially at night can be achieved with the many lights on the Thames wonderful effects.

London Holiday Apartments

So bring your camera with you too if you want to rent a house or an holiday apartment in London! The restaurants along the waterfront are particularly in the evening hours, a meeting place for youth groups from around the world, to crown their degrees with a trip to London. Due to the Gulf Stream temperate mild climate prevails in England and the London nights are usually pleasantly mild. Of course, landmark buildings such as Westminster Abbey are illuminated. Naturally enough one night is not enough to explore London. If you found a cozy accommodation in London or a London apartment for you, you can devote themselves to interesting galleries of London extensively, attend an auction at Sotheby's or pay the waxworks of Madame Tussaud a visit.

And if you have enough of the big city, then take some time for a vacation home in an apartment North Sea.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rent a Furnished Studio in Paris

Rent a holiday apartment in Paris for a stay of medium or short term, for holidays or work, is best quality / price. For your independence, your comfort, benefits and amenities, choose vacation rentals of a furnished studio in Paris, offered directly by the owner, experienced in the rental. Without agency, you deal with the owners.

Located in a central and very safe, near the Place de la Republique and the Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg), you'll find everything you need in the immediate vicinity of the studio, enjoy the streets of Britain, steps, and its delis, cheese shops, butchers, bakeries or its indoor market. Remember the Halles district and its many shops. And of course the famous Marais district with its bars and shops, is located less than five minutes walk and many surprises!

The building is secured by a code and an intercom. Both doors are armored. The studio, located on the ground floor was recently renovated and renewed his equipment. The windows of the room like main courtyard overlooking a private, not vis-à-vis that you can enjoy. You are well protected from traffic noise. At night you will not be disturbed by the neighbors (a doctor's office above and a medical laboratory next door) and the day you will hear only the sound of quiet as the subway station nearest (Arts and Crafts) n is only 30 meters!

The kitchen is well equipped, you'll find a microwave, two hotplates, fridge-freezer, and all that is necessary for breakfast (coffee, tea, kettle, toaster ...). A washer dryer is also available. Dishes and utensils are of course provided.

You can also take advantage of the digital TV bouquet SFR box, DVD player, mini hi-fi and telephone with free calls to France and 56 destinations.

The facilities include a computer with an Internet connection very fast, which is quite rare in rentals. If you travel with your laptop, you can also connect via WiFi

A few steps separate you from a large and comfortable bed in the mezzanine, which protects your privacy and eliminates the need to open a sofa every night. But according to the number of occupants (maximum 4) the sofa bed in the main room, handling simple, also offers a double berth excellent

How to Find Perfect Accommodation In Paris?

Find suitable accommodation for your family vacation, romantic getaway or shoppingholiday in Paris - the city of love and fashion. Experience the sights, the Eiffel Tower or the Champs-Elysees. With family or alone in Paris, you find the right apartment,Feha or studio in Paris and surrounding areas: Apartment for 5 people in the Latin Quarter or apartment for 2 in Paris-Ile-de-France. Browse at your leisure in our offers and be inspired.

Rome - Holiday Apartments in The Eternal City

A country in Southern Europe ... from the Alps to the beaches ... Italy, with its capital Rome! Who has not dreamed of long winter evenings in a relaxed holiday in the south? Here you have a choice of different apartments in Rome and apartments in historic Rome and Ariccia (Albano), Ascoli Piceno, Bella Farnia, Sabaudia, Bracciano, Canale Monterano, Canale Monterano Rome, Capranica, Castel Gandolfo, Castel Gandolfo - Marino, Castel S. Nicolo, which combine the beautiful landscapes and historical monuments are organic. Book a relaxing holiday with family, fishing vacation, single vacation, holidays with pet or holiday for two in Rome. Rent a suitable apartment or apartment is perfectly equipped for 2 to 10 people for the whole family and friends! Enjoy your city break in Rome and around in a cheap apartment! Take a look here: to find your perfect holiday apartment in Rome!

Holiday Apartments in Dublin

Dublin, one of the highlights of Ireland, is a picturesque town in which we can look forward to lots of culture and some historical buildings. Of exhibitions and museums to beautiful parks and breathtaking theater is something for everyone here. This is also the reason why so many tourists in the city captivates, because here you never get bored. You will find their suitable holiday home or a cozy Dublin  holiday home. Dublin is for all culture lovers and Ireland fan can be worth a visit and from the house, the apartment or the apartment in Dublin, the capital of Ireland and the surrounding area particularly well.

Most of travellers in Dublin are from Germany. They looks for "ferienwohnung Dublin" on internet which means holiday apartments in Dublin in German language. This is how they find their accommodation. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holiday Apartment Rentals in Budapest

When German people wish to look for a holiday rental apartment in Budapest they type in the phrase ferienwohnungen Budapest. This brings up a site that features 282 apartments for rent in the city. The site has a map with the location of the rental. It also has a diagram of the dimensions of the apartment as well as photos of the interior. Tourists can go online and make the rental agreement through a web site that will arrange the rental. Most of the apartments are within walking distance of tourist attractions.

Tourists can take a boat tour down the River Danbue, which divides the heart of Budapest. There are numerous water front attractions to see while enjoying a ride on the river.

Viam Park is an amusement park with one of the longest wooden roller coasters in Europe. A Victorian Carousel with hand painted horses and miniature racing cars are a few of the rides. After a day spent in the sun, a visit to Buda Castle Labyrinth would be refreshing. The castle itself is open for tours with guided tours underneath Castle Hill to visit the miles of tunnels.

Tourists like to visit the Budapest Zoo and Zoological Garden. The Zoo started out as private collection in the 1860s and is now home to over 2000 animals. The animals live in themed settings such as The African Savannah for Elephants, Rhinos, and Giraffes.

Staying in a holiday apartment is a wonderful way to spend a vacation in Budapest.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rent an Apartment in Brussels Instead of a Hotel!

Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in an apartment for the same price per night or less? More and more people today look for accommodations in apartments.

Many tourists to Brussels are from France and when planning a holiday in Brussels, Belgium, they often type "appartement vacances bruxelles" in a search engine and find many holiday apartments for rent at a very reasonable price!

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of Europe, is a fun and exciting place to visit with not only many places to shop, but a lot of bars and restaurants to choose from too. There are more museums in Brussels than you can possibly imagine! Brussels has a very laid-back atmosphere in addition to all its other wonderful qualities, which make it a great holiday or weekend getaway!

An example of one of the apartments you could rent for the holidays or weekend (instead of a hotel), is a one-bedroom apartment that is stylish and cozy, located just two minutes from a tram stop. This apartment can be booked beginning at $69.00 a night! There are other available apartments with two bedrooms that can sleep up to 5 beginning at $91. a night! If you are traveling with many people and want to conserve costs, you might consider renting a holiday apartment that will sleep about 10 with three bedrooms for a cost of around $331. night.

Whether you need a one, two, three, or more bedrooms, when on holiday or visiting Brussels, renting an apartment is definitely the way to go!

Prague - Eastern Europe's Must See Destination

Ever since the opening of Eastern Europe to visitors, Prague has been increasing in popularity as a tourist city receiving more than four million visitors in 2009.

Prague is an immensely historic city, with the center of Prague listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and large portions of the city dating back more than 1,000 years. Must-see attractions include the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, Wenceleslas square, and the old town square. First time visitors to this remarkable city should plan on staying at least three days, with visits of more than a week required to take in a few of Prague's museums and other cultural attractions. At least one day of walking through the city is required - Prague is incredibly walkable and strolling through its many squares can lead to discovering charming Art Nouveau statues or stumbling upon one of Prague's stunning medieval buildings.

While Prague clearly deserves its popularity, one of the downsides to this increased tourism is the rising cost of hotels. Smart travelers have begun bypassing hotels and staying in holiday apartments. These accommodations are apartments or houses rented out by locals during their vacations. Holiday apartments are significantly cheaper than hotels while providing larger living areas and kitchen facilities - leading to savings on food costs as well.

Because many tourists in Prague are German several top websites for holiday apartments can only be found by using German search terms. Try searching for "ferienwohnungen Prag" for the best accommodations.

Accomodation Trends for Vacationing Abroad

One of Europe’s cultural urban centers, Amsterdam, has provided tourists with memorable vacations for decades. Visitors enjoy exploring the city’s narrow canals via rented bicycles while discovering the artistic inspiration for such minds as Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh. Why not escape the demands of the “real world” for a few weeks and check out The Netherlands’ quaint wooden shoes, aromatic tulips, and picturesque windmills?

Visiting the Heineken factory, infamous Red Light District, and the Anne Frank house have been traditional attractions for years. However, in recent years, tourists have begun a new trend when booking accommodations - renting holiday apartments. In metropolitan areas all over Europe, tourists are straying from the traditional hotels and inns while searching for a stay that more closely parallels the lifestyle of residents. What better way to experience the local lifestyle than to live among them?

This option not only allows a visitor to walk through the daily life of the Dutch but can actually be more inexpensive to rent on a weekly or monthly basis. This trend is particularly popular among Amsterdam’s neighbors who are just a brief train-ride away: the French and the Germans. Though tourists may decide to find an apartment upon arrival in Amsterdam, a lot of people are using the convenience and security of the internet. As French and German tourists are so plentiful, ads are often geared toward them, so one can broaden his search engine results by typing “appartement vacances Amsterdam” or ”ferienwohnung Amsterdam” to find the perfect home away from home.

Holiday Apartments in New York

Holiday apartments in New York are a great way to enjoy the city and be comfortable at the same time. Whether you are getting away for the winter or just looking for some fun, holiday apartments are the best way to spend your time in New York. New york has a very diverse crowd and is great if you are international. One of the most popular international people that visit are from Germany. That is why there are a lot of German tourists with in the city. If you are visiting from Germany you are sure to find great "ferienwohnung New York" (Holiday apartments) to help you rest, recover and then enjoy the city.

What is great about holiday apartments is that once you leave the plane you can go directly to your apartment and have all of the comforts of home while you are away from home. Then when you are ready you can step outside and venture into the great city of New York.

The city is wonderful because there is so much to do and see. During the day you will be able to enjoy central park along with all of the great museums.You will be able to go to time square and go to the top of the empire states building. Then you will be able to go back to your Holiday apartments and get ready for the night. During the night time you can then dace the night away in all of the great clubs in the city.

Using Holiday Apartments in New York are the best way to visit the city and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Enjoy your stay!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rent a Holiday Apartment in Europe

Europe is a popular vacation destination for tourists around the world. Tourists visit Europe because it has an abundance of historical sites, natural wonders, and architectural genius. It also has beautiful scenery, the countries are in close proximity, and travel is affordable. You can travel by airplane, train or bus.

Lisbon is a remarkable destination to visit in Europe. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the largest city in the country. You will enjoy springtime temperatures during the winter and cool weather during the summer there. The center of the city is built on seven hills. Lisbon hosts ornate churches, an astonishing castle, various museums, and shopping for your enjoyment.

Lisbon has become a popular destination for German tourists. Hotels were once the accommodation of choice for tourists, but now they are discovering accommodation at holiday apartments. Germans looking for "ferienwohnung Lissabon" will find it in renting a holiday apartment.

Holiday apartments are preferable because they have more space than hotels, better amenities, and they provide the privacy of home life. Holiday apartments are comfortably furnished and equipped with everything a tourist might need. They have a kitchen for cooking, as much space as a home, and they come in various sizes. A family will benefit from one with a few bedrooms, while an individual may want to rent a studio. Holiday apartments are beneficial for a short or a long stay. Choosing to stay in a holiday apartment will make you feel like a resident more than a tourist.