Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holiday Apartments in New York and Vacation Home Rentals

New York! Welcome to the USA, the land of opportunity, and his best-known mega-city! Welcome to your holiday home or your vacation home New York! The 8-million city of New York is located on the coast of the state and is the largest in the United States. Capital of the state is not, however, this famous metropolis of superlatives, but the contrast with his more contemplative Albany nearly 100,000 inhabitants. It is located east of the state on the Hudson and Mohawk River. Anyone who books a holiday apartments in New York (State) or an apartment in New York State should, of course schedule definitely enough time for a shorter or longer trip to New York City. Although the state has to offer of course other highlights such as the island Long Iceland with their beaches, the winter sports areas in the Appalachian Mountains, the coastal regions on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario to the north and the picturesque stained woods during the Indian Summer, it is and remains New York City of course the main attraction. One can not believe how alive this city is overwhelming. Will seem a thousand things to happen everywhere at once and you hardly know where to begin exploring and where to stop. For a heartier city break offers, of course, a New York apartment or a house in New York City, and one should take at least a few days this time. There is so much to see! Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chinatown and the Bronx ... the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero ... Not to mention the approximately 18,000 restaurants, which offer a cuisine that is as colorful as New York itself nightlife, shopping, museums, theater and Broadway musicals ... These are just a few keywords that make it clear that this world metropolis promises a city of superlatives stay and they will not soon forget.

It wanders through the streets and feels like a different world, visiting the observation deck of the Empire State Building, which since the 11 September is the tallest building in the city again, and enjoying the unique view of the most exciting city at all - this is America-vacation out of a picture book! Choose from our large selection of vacation homes and holiday homes, a suitable house or apartment New York New York!

Interesting the way cities are reachable with a short-haul flights: a central London hotel offers the best starting point for an extensive sightseeing tour or book a holiday home but Paris and discover what the city has to offer love everything!


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