Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holiday Apartment Rentals in Budapest

When German people wish to look for a holiday rental apartment in Budapest they type in the phrase ferienwohnungen Budapest. This brings up a site that features 282 apartments for rent in the city. The site has a map with the location of the rental. It also has a diagram of the dimensions of the apartment as well as photos of the interior. Tourists can go online and make the rental agreement through a web site that will arrange the rental. Most of the apartments are within walking distance of tourist attractions.

Tourists can take a boat tour down the River Danbue, which divides the heart of Budapest. There are numerous water front attractions to see while enjoying a ride on the river.

Viam Park is an amusement park with one of the longest wooden roller coasters in Europe. A Victorian Carousel with hand painted horses and miniature racing cars are a few of the rides. After a day spent in the sun, a visit to Buda Castle Labyrinth would be refreshing. The castle itself is open for tours with guided tours underneath Castle Hill to visit the miles of tunnels.

Tourists like to visit the Budapest Zoo and Zoological Garden. The Zoo started out as private collection in the 1860s and is now home to over 2000 animals. The animals live in themed settings such as The African Savannah for Elephants, Rhinos, and Giraffes.

Staying in a holiday apartment is a wonderful way to spend a vacation in Budapest.

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