Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prague - Eastern Europe's Must See Destination

Ever since the opening of Eastern Europe to visitors, Prague has been increasing in popularity as a tourist city receiving more than four million visitors in 2009.

Prague is an immensely historic city, with the center of Prague listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and large portions of the city dating back more than 1,000 years. Must-see attractions include the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, Wenceleslas square, and the old town square. First time visitors to this remarkable city should plan on staying at least three days, with visits of more than a week required to take in a few of Prague's museums and other cultural attractions. At least one day of walking through the city is required - Prague is incredibly walkable and strolling through its many squares can lead to discovering charming Art Nouveau statues or stumbling upon one of Prague's stunning medieval buildings.

While Prague clearly deserves its popularity, one of the downsides to this increased tourism is the rising cost of hotels. Smart travelers have begun bypassing hotels and staying in holiday apartments. These accommodations are apartments or houses rented out by locals during their vacations. Holiday apartments are significantly cheaper than hotels while providing larger living areas and kitchen facilities - leading to savings on food costs as well.

Because many tourists in Prague are German several top websites for holiday apartments can only be found by using German search terms. Try searching for "ferienwohnungen Prag" for the best accommodations.

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