Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rent an Apartment in Brussels Instead of a Hotel!

Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in an apartment for the same price per night or less? More and more people today look for accommodations in apartments.

Many tourists to Brussels are from France and when planning a holiday in Brussels, Belgium, they often type "appartement vacances bruxelles" in a search engine and find many holiday apartments for rent at a very reasonable price!

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of Europe, is a fun and exciting place to visit with not only many places to shop, but a lot of bars and restaurants to choose from too. There are more museums in Brussels than you can possibly imagine! Brussels has a very laid-back atmosphere in addition to all its other wonderful qualities, which make it a great holiday or weekend getaway!

An example of one of the apartments you could rent for the holidays or weekend (instead of a hotel), is a one-bedroom apartment that is stylish and cozy, located just two minutes from a tram stop. This apartment can be booked beginning at $69.00 a night! There are other available apartments with two bedrooms that can sleep up to 5 beginning at $91. a night! If you are traveling with many people and want to conserve costs, you might consider renting a holiday apartment that will sleep about 10 with three bedrooms for a cost of around $331. night.

Whether you need a one, two, three, or more bedrooms, when on holiday or visiting Brussels, renting an apartment is definitely the way to go!


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